1301 N Douglas St, Florence, SC 20501                Phone 843-453-1349   

Straw Hat Distillery, LLC

Phone 843-453-1349


Sales of Corn Whiskey, Moonshine, Rum, Lemon Drop, Apple Pie, Blackberry Blast and Coffee Moonshine are now offered at the distillery. 

Also now available at:

Micky Finns

194 S. Cashua Dr.                     550 Pamplico Hwy.

Florence, SC 29501                                            Florence, SC 29501

A&S Liquor

202 3rd Loop Rd. 

Florence, SC 29505        


Straw Hat Distillery, LLC is committed to bringing you only the best hand crafted spirits fermented and distilled on our premises.  Are you ready to experience small batch whiskies made from our still? 

We start with select base grains and mill them with care.  Our end product is unique to the local area, as it is made from grains grown right here in South Carolina.